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Since its establishment in 1993, SunRise has been a creative, innovative force setting itself apart from the competition as a manufacturer of professional microfilm scanner solutions. Often copied or at best, imitated; SunRise products have served as examples of what the technology standard should be. Creating the first 3-in-1 production microfilm scanner for its customers, industry experts and partners, thousands have been delivered throughout the world.

The SunRise 3-in-1 production microfilm scanners produce the highest quality image output at high speed in a true dpi resolution. We are committed to providing products with a focus on ecology and sustainability by using long-life LED illumination, ongoing compliance with electrical and ecological norms and standards, and through our own technological platform, produce products of the highest standard which are renowned for their reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

SunRise Imaging (EMEA) Limited, is the exclusive distributor for SunRise products and services throughout Europe the Middle East and Africa. Based in the UK at our offices in Wallington, Surrey, SunRise offers a wealth of products and services for customers requiring help with their scanning needs.

Set up in 2004, SunRise EMEA has grown and developed into a key partner for businesses looking to scan just about any type of film media, from 16mm & 35mm roll film, fiche, both COM, Jacket and Diazo and of course Aperture cards. With the latest Apollo range of high speed microfilm scanners, SunRise can provide film scanning products or service for any size of film scanning project, whether it be a single reel, fiche or aperture card to a full back file conversion of complete libraries.

Regardless of whether you wish to purchase, rent for in house scanning or outsource your film conversion, SunRise can help. With over thirty years of experience in film scanning SunRise will help assist in guiding you through to a successful conclusion with all the advice and assistance support you could possibly need.

To compliment the SunRise range of production microfilm scanners, SunRise EMEA (UK only) now offers the Minolta SL1000 system for the less demanding customers who may only require a scan on demand capability. Recently introduced to replace products such as the Kodak, Canon and Konica Minolta range of microfilm scanner printers, the compact yet powerful SL1000 has proven extremely popular.

In addition to the SL1000, SunRise EMEA has also extended is offering here in the UK to include the renowned Bookeye range of high quality book scanners and WideTEK wide format document scanners. These products by association very much complement the SunRise range providing high quality book, map and plan scanning solutions for customers of any size.

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