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Roll Film Scanner

Roll Film Scanner

    Apollo Products Data Sheet   

Features of Scanners
Wide range of film Reduction Ratios
Low reduction (7x) micro films images are large, require high film speed. High reduction (70x) micro films are very small, require low film speed.

Standard MicroFilm Sizes
16mm and 35mm films are supported.
Capture two Newspaper pages side by side
or mixes of sizes A,B,C,D

All Rollfilm Types
100 ft (30m) reels
200 ft (60m) reels
1000 ft (300m) reels

Easily deal with film wind direction
Scan film wound clockwise – scan outside film surface
Scan film wound counter clockwise – scan inside film surface

Roll Film Products

Low Power and low noise
Highly efficent reel motor drive
Quite operation – No Fans

Module Features
X730 Rollfilm Module Controller
Digital Signal Processor controlling film tension
Gentle slack film take up
Constant scan speed insured by encoder arms sensing film tension
Positive film control via pinch roller and capstan roller
Variable speed fast rewind and wind
Protection Circuits – Over temperature, Over current
Highly Efficient Driver

Roll Film

High Quality Nikon 60mm Macro lens
Extremely sharp focus
F2.8 to F32 Depth of field control
Even backlight all camera heights
Accepts Extension Tubes to lower Reduction Ratio
Condenser Lens accepts color filters

Apollo Rollfilm Performance
Apollo Film Speed
Max (2,000 DPI) 5.00 inches per second
Min (20,000 DPI) 0.25 ips
Fast forward/backward speed 5.0 ips

Fast Rewind/Wind speed
100 ft reel – under 8 sec
200 ft reel – under 15 sec
1000 ft reel – under 2 minutes

24x A Size Simplex scan speed
150 DPI 270 500 Pages per Minute
200 DPI 200 380
300 DPI 135 250
400 DPI 100 190
500 DPI 80 160
600 DPI 67 125

48x Duplex A Size Duplex scan speed
200 DPI 400 760 Pages per Minute
300 DPI 270 500

Typical Reel Scan Rate APOLLO HS
100ft 24x Asize 2,000 pages 10 min 5 min
200ft 24x Asize 4,000 pages 20 min 10 min

Small size and weight
Size 8″x13″x24″
Weight 18 lbs

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