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Scanning Services

Microfilm Scanning

For over two decades Sunrise Imaging has developed market-leading microfilm scanning solutions for the digitisation of microfilm. In more recent years we have become one of the UK’s if not Europe’s largest specialised scanning centre for the conversion of all forms of microfilm media offering the highest quality of true optical microfilm scanning services. Our scanning centre offers premium data security and high quality scanning which is underlined by our ISO 9001 certification.

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Roll Film Scanning

At SunRise we believe we offer the highest quality in roll film scanning services available. Scanning your roll film will release the information stored upon on it. Utilising the very latest SunRise production microfilm scanners, we can provide true optical image scanning from the film ensuring the highest possible level of image quality whether it be in bitonal or greyscale output.

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Fiche Scanning

If you have a microfiche scanning requirement SunRise can help by releasing the valuable information stored on it. Scanning your fiche will improve the accessibility, security and value of the data it holds by providing instant access and disaster recovery backup helping organisations meet their legal and internal data security policies.

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Aperture Card Scanning

Engineering drawings, maps and plans stored on aperture cards can be digitised using our specialist aperture card scanners at in most case true optical high resolution capturing intricate details from the aperture card film. After scanning the film, images of drawings are produced, quality checked and corrected to ensure the highest possible output standards.

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Book Scanning

Utilising the advanced technology of the Bookeye scanners SunRise can offer the highest standards of image quality when scanning books of all shapes and sizes. With or without the spines books can be digitized efficiently and at affordable rates for all types of businesses and clients.

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Wide Format Scanning

Our document scanning services provide scanning for all sizes of documents including even larger formats such as A3, A2, A1 or A0 and offers a wide format scanning service for large documents such as maps, architects plans, engineering drawings, and CAD (Computer Aided Design). Visit our Wide Format Scanning page Document Scanning The SunRise Scanning centre provides high quality document scanning services throughout the UK assisting organisations with digital conversion projects. Our centre offers premium security and document storage whilst delivering the highest industry standard scanning of your documents which is underlined with by ISO 9001 certification.

Visit our Wide Format Scanning page.

Find Out More About Our Scanning Services

Sunrise Imaging provides a wealth of digitisation services with years of experience scanning microfilm, microfiche, roll film and all types of documents. To find out how we can assist you with your scanning project contact Sunrise Imaging today by email at or by telephone on 020 8255 2011.


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