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Microfiche And Microfilm Scanning

For over two decades Sunrise Imaging has developed market-leading solutions for the digitisation of microfilm/fiche media. Scanning your microfilm not only preserves the information it holds but provides your organisation with the ability to understand, interrogate, and share that data – instantly.

Whatever the type of Microfiche Scanning you need, we can help!

If you have a microfiche scanning requirement SunRise can help by releasing the valuable information stored on it. Scanning your fiche will improve the accessibility, security and value of the data it holds. Scanning your microfiche will also create a digital back-up of the data – an essential component of any disaster recovery plan. The digital records can then be stored easily and conveniently, providing you with instant access. SunRise has been involved either directly or in partnership with a whole range of customers and industries in microfiche scanning projects converting some of the largest fiche libraries efficiently and cost effectively into a safe and secure digital format.

Combination Jacket Fiche Scanning

A combination jacket fiche can contain both 35mm and 16mm images and are predominantly used by Buildings and Planning Departments with the larger plans and drawings held on the 35mm film and standard documents on the 16mm film. Because of this it is most likely the two film types could have been created using differing film and processing techniques, in which case the scanning of these images brings about its own unique challenges. Using our very own SunRise scanners we have the ability of scanning both size films using differing light, contrast and image enhancing filters. It is essential to have this functionality because the camera light setting at the time of producing the film may well have been different for the two film types and will therefore require a double pass when scanning the fiche. The reason for this is because a standard light setting for both films will not provide the best possible output between the larger drawings on the 35mm film and the text files contained on the 16mm film. Other microfiche scanning bureaus may use non SunRise scanners that try and create an overall light setting and filter setup which will then be applied to ALL the images contained within the fiche. The reason they do this is because it’s the fastest and most profitable way of scanning the fiche requiring minimal input by the operator. This “one size fits all” approach albeit more cost effective generally provides for a poorer cross section of image quality, in extreme cases making some documents illegible.

High Quality Affordable Microfiche Scanning

Whether scanning, HR, Pension Records or Planning records from jacket fiche, or financial data from COM (Computer Output to Microfilm), all can be easily converted producing the highest possible image quality either in black and white or greyscale or in a variety of text searchable (OCR) file formats. Once converted, the microfiche can then be stored safely and far more cost effectively off-site, providing an additional disaster recovery copy of the files.

  • More affordable than you think
  • Short project turn around for a fast R.O.I.
  • Scan-On-Demand Service for continued business continuity
  • Multiple file formats including pdf-jpeg-tiff single or multi-page
  • Recover lost files

True Optical Resolution Scanning – Producing Quality Images

At SunRise we only scan microfilm using our own market leading scanners. Our microfiche scanners use True Optical Resolution technology. This gives us the ability to replicate one pixel on the scanner camera for each pixel on your microfilm image. We do this by optically adjusting the focal length of the camera lens to capture at true image resolution. We do not use digital scaling on the image to achieve the desired resolution. As a result SunRise produce the highest quality scanned images available. Scaling an image can create image distortions that can severely reduce the image quality while also affecting the ability to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Many microfiche scanning bureaus claim they use True Optical Resolution, when they in fact have no ability to adjust the optical path for different reduction ratios and DPI requirements. All they have is one fixed setting and can only accomplish different resolutions by scaling or interpolating, which is the process of adding or removing pixels from the original image. The addition/removal of pixels not only can erode significantly the image quality and the OCR precision but also constitutes a manipulation of the original image that could be challenged in some legal applications.

Security And Confidentiality

At SunRise we take security seriously and take every precaution to ensure we protect your information in both physical and digital form. We constantly review our processes and security measures to guarantee customer peace of mind.

  • 24/7 on-site manned security
  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance
  • Our scanning bureau is located within an internal secure facility, which provides a second layer of security
  • Our storage servers have no connection to the internet or external networks, ensuring ALL stored data is totally secure
  • All data is returned to you by hand on password encrypted DVD, external USB HDU, USB sticks, via secure FTP or directly in to your ECM or document management system

SunRise are committed to offering a fully confidential service. The security and confidentiality of our clients’ information is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is intellectual property or sensitive client information protection of that information is paramount. Find Out More About Our Microfiche And Microfilm Scanning Services Sunrise provides a wealth of digitisation services with years of experience scanning microfilm, microfiche, roll film and all types of documents. To find out how we can assist you with your microfiche scanning project contact Sunrise Imaging today by email at or by telephone on 020 8255 2011.

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